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Dipl. Ing. Janka Matyašovská, w.a.
  Obytná štvrť 307
  SK 972 16   Pravenec, SLOWAKEI
  tel.: +421 905 941 505
  fax: +721 46 544 14 11

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English version of our e-shop

We are celebrating 20 years since the start of our company. To mark the occasion, we started an english version of our e-shop.

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Welcome to our e-shop!

We hope that the originality of our products can wake our interest. In our e-shop you won’t find special sales, new products every day or products from overseas made of fast-growing wood types. However, we guarantee that you won’t find our products in any other e-shop. For a very simple reason – each and every product that we offer, we produced ourselves, many of them were even designed by us.

We are happy to say that our regular customers are from Germany, England, France, Ireland, Czech Republic , Switzerland and, naturally, from our homeland – Slovakia.

Most of the products have been in our portfolio for more than 10 years and we keep improving them based on the reactions from our customers. We dedicate full attention to every product, from its design, to the choice of materials, to its final treatment.

The happiness of our customers is very important for us and we are glad for each customer that chooses us when looking for something new.

Should you not find what you need or want, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will use all of our knowledge and experience to design the product that would fit your ideas, as we have already done for so many customer.

Our family has been in the woodworking branch for three generations and we have a special relationship towards this material. It gives its own warm atmosphere to any room, no matter if it‘s your home or your office. We hope that you share this opinion with us and wish you a lot of fun in our e-shop!

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