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Size: 7x16,8x4cm

This case made of solid wood is designed for the usual storing of dioptric or sunglasses. The inner size of the case is 55x148x30mm, which is also the maximal size of glasses the case can be used for. To ensure the highest practical value possible, the inside of the case is upholstered with a cloth which protects the glasses against scratches. Both parts of the case are connected via a hinge, it is kept closed by a pair of neodymium magnets. This solution allows the product to be carried in a bag without opening and the glasses falling out. The surface is treated with a cellulose lacquer. We recommend to take care of this case with usual products for lacquered furniture, never use mechanical cleaning methods (scratching, sanding,...).

Many owners of dioptric glasses AND of a car have already experienced the unfortunate event of leaving their glasses in the car on a hot day. The anti-reflective layer curls and your vision is like under water. This case is perfect to avoid such situations. If you leave your glasses in the case in a shadowy place, like the car door, the splendid insulation capacity of the wood decreases the risk of the anti-reflective layer curling significantly.

In case you are interested, one can also engrave a writing or a logo on the case. In this case, please order the engraving, too (write the text that should be engraved in the comment field – e.g. mum, grandma, dad, grandpa,...). We will send you the price for the engraving to confirm.

We don’t use any mordants, pigments or colors. The look of the case is determined solely by the used wood species, it this case ash (fraxinus). It is a hardwood species from our geographical area with elastic and hard wood, yellowish to light brown. The case is made of one piece of wood, such that the texture of its both parts fits together.

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)