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Size: 22x22x5cm

The photo box with a sliding lid is divided into two areas. The inner size of the photo area is 13.5x20x4cm, the one of the area for the USB-Stick is 5.5x20x4cm. It is made of spruce wood, combined with birch plywood (for the base and the lid). There is a countersinking in the front of the sliding lid for easier opening. Delivery with filling (wooden wool).

The USB-Stick in the picture is not included. You can find our assortment of wooden USB-Sticks in a separate category.

The word “ja” (German for “yes” – can be replaced by the English version) is cut out so the one can partly see the photographs. The date is of course just fictional. When ordering, please write the desired date in the commentary field.

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)