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Size: 6x6x4cm

The inner size of this heart-shaped box is ca. 3,5x2,5x1,8cm. The box is manually released for one piece of wood, which means that the texture between the two parts is continual. It also means that every box is a unique original. It is made of ash wood; the inserted bottom and a part of the lid are made of birch plywood. The generous space design and the final sound smoothing showcase the natural texture of the used wood. It is highlighted also through the surface treatment with hard oil.

The box is primarily meant for small gifts, e.g. a necklace, a ring,... for a loved person. You can even find appropriate medailons in our e-shop. It can also be used as a present for your wedding guests – as a reminder of the nice event.

Given the used surface treatment, the box ca be shipped on the fifth day after the binding order.

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)