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Size: 23x9,5x26,5cm

In the kitchens of our grannies there were typically decorative saltboxes. If you like such products, we can offer you such a saltbox made of wood. The whole product is made of spruce wood combined with birch plywood (the filling of the back). We deliver it without surface treatment, therefore it is also appropriate for powdery products. The folding lid turns on wooden pins, the plywood filling is easily removable – you only need to unbolt six screws. This makes possible further decorating of the product easier.

The inner size of the box is ca. 19x6,5x7cm.

The back is decorated with an engraved motive. If you would like another motive engraved on the back, it is possible upon agreement, the price remains the same.

The attached pictures show the basic product without engraving to give you an idea about the construction details.

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)