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Size: 10,7x12,5x11cm

When saving for a new car, this savings box can be quite helpful…

The body and the lid of the savings box are made of linden wood, its base of 3mm thick birch plywood, and all parts of the closing of beech wood. There is a motive engraved on the lid which is visible in the picture. We deliver the savings box with a lock and three keys, without surface treatment. The inner size of the savings box is ca. 90x90x90mm. If you have not found a motive or text you like in our e-shop, it is possible, upon agreement, to engrave another motive or text. Please send us the motive in a .cdr, .ai or .pdf file, if you only want to change text, its contents and the desired font are sufficient.

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)